"There is a thin line that separates

laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humour and hurt."
(Erma Bombeck)


1 Across We can neither slow it down nor speed it up, or can we? (4)

Ken tipped the point of his biro onto his tongue, hovered it over 1 Across and then stopped. Can’t speed it up or slow it down, or can we? The words ran through his mind but the answer didn’t come. Mary would have known; she’d have got it before Ken had even finished reading out the clue.

Love a crossword but never have one, that’s right, isn’t it, she’d have said, and then be on to the next clue. Let’s get a move on, just because you’re retired doesn’t mean we have to go in slow motion, I’ve got housework to get on with.

1 Across still didn’t come to Ken. He tried 1 Down..................

I start in her bedroom. They only live in small private quarters now. Not that they ever lived in the whole place.  There are two bedrooms, a sitting room, kitchenette, dining room and a bathroom. I used to clean more rooms but when they moved into this small area, I became their personal cleaner. I had never been interested in promotions but that day I felt like I’d won the jackpot..........



I am currently working on my first novel - a bittersweet exploration of what happens when family dynamics are turned on their head

and secrets struggle to stay hidden.