This week’s blog is different.

Last week I posted the below on Facebook and the response was fantastic. People told me that they had received letters during their illness and how it made them feel. Many of the best letters were ones that never even mentioned their cancer. Just receiving the correspondence made them feel cared for.

I want to start a campaign to get people writing letters to ill friends and family. I need ideas please on how to get some momentum going before I approach a cancer charity to help me.

Please let me know any ideas you have, however whacky, any contacts that you think could help me or even just a cool # for Twitter!

Thank you

A wonderful thing happened this week. Here’s how:

1)On Monday, my friend Brian Greenley and I were recorded for Radio 4's Listening Project. We told the story of how our friendship had developed from the letters I’d written to him when he had cancer.

2)On Wednesday, by word of mouth, someone heard about our story.

3)On Thursday, they went to look at my website.
4) On Friday I received this email from them, and my week was complete.

Subject: Ill friends

Message: Hi Alison. I lost a dear friend to cancer last week. Got a message this morning from a very sweet friend in The Netherlands that she is now dying. Ben gave me your details yesterday and I have been reading. I have now suggested to my friend to write her a weekly letter. Hope you do not mind, just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration. Wil

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